Canon remote releases for EOS cameras

Remote release allows the EOS camera shutter to be released without touching the camera. They are typically used for long exposures and for macro photography. There are two kinds of remote release marketed by Canon, directly connected cables and wireless solutions.

Remote releases – wireless type

Many EOS cameras have a small infra-red receiver on the front of the camera handgrip. The small transmitters can release the shutter and even start and stop video recording.

RC-5 has been replaced by the visually similar RC-6 release. The key difference is that the RC-5 can only trigger the camera with a 2-second delay. The newer RC-6 has a switch to select instant release or 2-second delayed. The RC-5 looks similar to the RC-6.
The Canon wireless remote BR-E1 uses Bluetooth to communicate with the camera. Details will be added to the compatibility list shortly.

Remote releases – cable type

There are two different kinds of connector in use for cable type remote releases, the N3 and the E3 connector. Cameras only support one type of connection though there is a release adapter cable available that converts from the N3 type connector to the E3 type connector. The adapter cable is the Remote Controller Adapter RA-E3. This adapter cable is included with the EOS 60Da camera.

Canon also makes a 10-metre long (33-feet) extension cable for the N3-type cabled remote releases. This extension cable is the Canon Extension Cord ET-1000N3.

Remote release cable compatibility chart

EOS cameras with N3 type connector

  • EOS D30
  • EOS D60
  • EOS 10D
  • EOS 20D
  • EOS 30D
  • EOS 40D
  • EOS 50D
  • EOS 5D
  • EOS 5D Mark II
  • EOS 5D Mark III
  • EOS 5D Mark IV
  • EOS 5DS
  • EOS 5DS R
  • EOS 6D
  • EOS 6D Mark II
  • EOS 7D
  • EOS 7D Mark II
  • EOS-1D
  • EOS-1Ds
  • EOS-1D Mark II
  • EOS-1Ds Mark II
  • EOS-1D Mark II N
  • EOS-1D Mark III
  • EOS-1Ds Mark III
  • EOS-1D Mark IV
  • EOS-1D X
  • EOS-1D X Mark II
  • EOS-1D X Mark III
  • EOS-1D C
  • EOS R5

EOS cameras with E3 type connector

  • EOS M
  • EOS M5
  • EOS M6
  • EOS M6 Mark II
  • EOS M50
  • EOS 1000D
  • EOS 1100D
  • EOS 1200D
  • EOS 1300D
  • EOS 2000D
  • EOS 100D
  • EOS 200D
  • EOS 250D
  • EOS 300D
  • EOS 350D
  • EOS 400D
  • EOS 450D
  • EOS 550D
  • EOS 600D
  • EOS 650D
  • EOS 700D
  • EOS 750D
  • EOS 760D
  • EOS 800D
  • EOS 850D
  • EOS 77D
  • EOS 60D
  • EOS 70D
  • EOS 80D
  • EOS 90D
  • EOS R6
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