Firmware updates for all EOS cameras

Firmware update

All Canon EOS cameras have firmware inside that controls how they operate and perform. A firmware update is created when there’s an improvement in functionality, or a correction of problematic behaviours and errors.

What is a firmware update?

A firmware update is a software program that is possible to install in to a camera. In most instances a firmware update is provided directly from the manufacturer of the camera. You may find some talented software engineers creating their own firmware to run in another manufacturers hardware, but you need to know that these unofficial updates might cause unexpected problems with your cameras.

Canon removed the updates from the old server for many older cameras, so I removed their links and just display the last known version available. You may have to contact your Canon service team if you need an update for these older cameras.

Several other items have firmware updates available including; EF / EF-S / EF-M / RF lenses, battery grips, Speedlites and Wi-Fi transmitters, and I have more information on those too.

For Canon EOS cameras the firmware update can do many things to change the functions and operation of a camera, it cannot add functions that require changes in the camera hardware. So unlike the April Fools story I wrote, it would not be possible to activate an increased resolution in a camera if the sensor (hardware) doesn’t support it.

Free to download firmware update for Canon EOS cameras

EOS 1100D

EOS ‘XXXX’ D cameras

EOS 100D camera

EOS 700D

EOS ‘XXX’ D camera


EOS ‘XX’ D cameras

EOS 5D mark III-square

EOS ‘X’ D cameras



EOS R system

EOS M-square

EOS ‘M’ system

A firmware update in progress on an EOS DSLR camera

A firmware update in progress on an EOS DSLR camera

5-step guide to update your Canon EOS firmware

Canon firmware updates come in the form of a firmware image file with the extension .FIR. You can dowload a compressed file from Canon and expand it on your computer. Often there will be a PDF with specific instructions for your camera and firmware included in the compressed file along with the firmware.

  1. Format a small-sized card in the camera
  2. Remove any fitted lens or Speedlite from the camera, make sure the battery in the camera is fully charged
  3. Put the firmware file you have downloaded and uncompressed on the camera’s memory card (use either a card reader or EOS Utility)
  4. Switch on the camera and navigate to the Firmware menu item, and choose to update
  5. Don’t press any buttons on the camera, or switch it off during the update – you can kill the camera

Since the firmware files are not huge in size, then a small card of 2GB or less is worth keeping just to use for firmware updates.


Find all the firmware updates for your EOS camera here –

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Firmware updates for other devices

Other firmware updates have been made available for GPS receivers, WiFi transmitters (WFT / Wireless File Transmitters) and also for certain lenses. For all of these items the firmware is installed with the accessory connected to a camera with the firmware update on a memory card.

latest firmware news and updates

Canon releases firmware updates for EOS cameras to address performance issues and bugs.

Whenever there’s an update for an EOS camera you you will find it here.