Camera club talks and presentations

I enjoy delivering talks and presentations for camera club and photographic societies across the UK. As a club member myself since 2003, I understand the needs of members and the constraints that many clubs work with.

Can you talk about…?

Every club is different, and has their own requirements. Often I get asked; “can you talk about…” and my usual answer is yes. Below are some examples of talks I have delivered for other clubs.

I have found that live shoots work really well with camera clubs. Club members value this, as they get to see “straight from the camera” reality. I work with my camera hooked up to a laptop, so every shot is on screen as I shoot.

Examples of some presentation topics for camera clubs

  • Lighting with off-camera flash (Speedlites)
  • Lighting with studio flash
  • Making the most of just one light
  • Table-top and product photography
  • The basics of photography; ideal for new members or to attract new members
  • Movement: a presentation about capturing motion in your photos. Designed for new and intermediate photographers
  • Action sports photography; motorsport, kick boxing and more
  • Using simple compact cameras to help you learn to see and make better pictures
  • Organising, managing and processing pictures with Lightroom
  • Colour management, how to get prints and projected images that meet your expectations

I love questions, and encourage everyone to ask if there’s something they need clarification on, while I deliver my presentation.

If you want to have a half-day or full-day workshop activity for your club members let’s talk, as I can help with this too. If you have a date in mind, check my events calendar to see if I’m free.

Equipped for large and small camera club presentations

  • Canon XEED projector, laptop and all the necessary cables.
  • I don’t bring a projector screen with me, so I need to use yours. (Or a large, preferably white, wall)
  • For most camera club talks I don’t need a microphone and amplifier, but I am happy to use one if you have it.
  • I’m practiced at presenting to small small and large groups. I’m equally comfortable with 1-2-1 sessions through to groups of over 600 people.

Short notice or long term bookings

I am happy to stand in at short notice or take bookings a long way in to the future. I know that some clubs like to have their programme locked down months, if not years ahead.


I use Google Maps to calculate the distance from me in Oxfordshire to you and charge travel costs based on this distance. I also charge for presentations, though I know that your budgets are often limited so the charges are reasonable .

Camera club talks by Brian Worley

Brian Worley

I’m always grateful for a link from your club website, program or Facebook page to my website

Brian Worley

Clubs that i’ve provided talks for

I’ve been fortunate to be asked by these clubs to fill a gap in their program. Some have kindly asked me to visit them more than once.

  • ImageZ Camera Club [link]
  • Buckingham Camera Club [link]
  • Hampstead Photographic Society [link]
  • Ealing & Hamsptead House Photographic Society [link]
  • Melton Mowbray Photographic Society [link]
  • Charnwood Camera Club [link]
  • Bracknell Camera Club [link]
  • Abingdon Camera Club [link]
  • St. Neotts Camera Club [link]
  • Sandhurst Camera Club[link]
  • Yateley Camera Club [link]
  • Newbury Camera Club [link]
  • Thatcham Camera Club [link]
  • Kingsclere Photo Club [link]
  • Towcester Camera Club [link]
  • Aldershot, Farnham & Fleet Camera Club [link]
  • Harrow Camera Club [link]
  • Dorking Camera Club [link]
  • Royston Photographic Society [link]
  • Worcestershire Camera Club [link]
  • Peterborough Photographic Society [link]
  • Marlow Camera Club [link]
  • Luton & Dunstable Photographic Club [link]
  • Wantage Camera Club [link]
  • Park Street Camera Club [link]
  • Kettering & District Photographic Society [link]
  • Solihull Photographic Society [link]
  • Didcot Power Station Camera Club
  • Bicester Camera Club [link]
  • Lambourn Camera Club [link]
  • Gwynfa Camera Club [link]
  • Pinner Camera Club [link]
  • Field End Photographic Society [link]
  • Cheam Camera Club [link]
  • Kidlington Camera Club [link]
  • Woking Photographic Society [link]