Brian Worley

p4pictures is the website of Brian Worley, a photographer and photo specialist trainer based in Oxfordshire.

I’ve been enjoying taking photos since I was a kid with a 110 film camera. Even as a professional I still enjoy photography, it’s much more than a business for me.

Canon EOS specialist

I spent fifteen years working for Canon’s European operation, tasked with introducing digital cameras to the European market, and preparing Canon’s European sales companies to sell digital cameras. I have trained many of the Canon staff, and still maintain a reputation with Canon as one of the most knowledgeable EOS system experts.

Late in 2010 I decided to leave Canon and work for myself, I started p4pictures to share my knowledge and train photographers of all levels, as that is what I love to do; share my knowledge and help.

I continue to grow my knowledge of the latest products, in order that I can successfully write for and train photographers of all skill levels.

Writing, training & presenting

I regularly write articles for two photography magazines in the UK; PhotoPlus and EOS Magazine. I also deliver in-person training for EOS Training Academy, and online with The Photographer Academy.

I’ve undertaken a number of projects with Canon across Europe, providing demonstrations and seminars to their staff and clients. I have also been fortunate to be invited to deliver presentations at shows and events for Canon and other companies within the photo industry.

I am a joint author of two photography books published by Habakuk books in Finland, Better Images with Canon Compact Cameras and Better Images with Canon Lenses and Flash.

Working with light

I have thoroughly embraced the capabilities of Speedlite flash, to bring light to pictures. Most years more than half of my photos are taken with Speedlite flash in one way or another, yet I love working outside in all kinds of light.

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