In 2023 I finally managed to get to my first grass track meetings, a motorsport that has intrigued me and eluded me for a long time. More riders than Speedway, and a more unpredictable track yet still fast action in short races. It seemed hard to find events near to me, but finally I made it to two races this year; British Masters in Essex and also the Dalton Developer in Oxfordshire, both events were superb with lots of different races with riders on a wide array of machines. Races are held on oval circuits on a field, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that some classes race clockwise and some anti-clockwise. So here’s some of the shots of this truly grass roots motorsport.

Solo riders and the right hand 500cc sidecars run anti-clockwise

1000cc side cars, referred to as the big chairs, run clockwise. So you may see one race and then the next one the action is coming from a different direction.

Smaller 500cc sidecars race anti-clockwise.

The Dalton Developer was one of the last meetings of the year, but the weather was on its best behaviour with sunshine and warm temperatures even though it was October. This meeting was organised to give the younger riders – aged 6 and up – a chance to compete on a full-size track and be the heroes of the meeting as opposed to a lesser category alongside the older racers on their faster machines.

The big chairs were also racing in the clockwise direction.

With short 4-lap races, fast on track action, the smells and noise of racing engines, plus the dust it is a great visual fest. One that I will be photographing again in 2024.

In 2023 I was on a mission to shoot more action sports, including those I had rarely or never shot before, and it was good to make me think a little more about camera setup – push-to-pan. It also focussed my search for sports that are not in the mainstream. At one point I was hoping to shoot four different sports in just 10 days, but the summer weather wasn’t in on the plan and I only managed FIA World Rallycross, Superbikes and FIM World Sidecarcross in the 10-days as the Speedway meeting was abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

Looking back I photographed these motorsports in 2023


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