My Menu simplifies finding all the settings you want without endless scrolling though your camera’s options, so why don’t you use it? It’s free after all 🙂 

My Menu is that green section of the camera menu with nothing useful on it

If that’s your take on My Menu then you are missing out. The whole point is that it’s for you to put the settings you want quick access to, and in an oder that suits you. This is why it’s empty, if Canon pre-filled it then it would be to some order they chose, not you. Also the options are already on menus that made sense to the camera engineers when they designed the camera.

What can you use My Menu for?

I use My Menu in two different ways; one to provide a quick status of autofocus settings, secondly to group the most common features I use from across the camera menu system for speed of access.

Imagine having a menu page that is effectively a status page for your camera AF settings? A quick glance at the status page and you know what is set and can change those settings if needed. What about if it was called Focus settings for good measure, yes you can name these menus as you like.

After years of using Canon’s cameras I’m highly adept at navigating the menus at speed. Even so I need access to settings from multiple sections of the menus. Using My Menu makes it faster for me to access those settings on a single page.

How to setup My Menu

Navigate to that single page that you otherwise skip past and select Add My Menu tab, see it’s not hard.

Configure the items you want on the menu. Select items to register shows a long list of all the entries that are available to add for your camera.

Select the registered items first and then move around the order using Sort registered items if needed.

Rename tab to add your custom title, as MY MENU1 is hardly intuitive.

What to add to My Menu?

This is a personal choice, but for me I typically create a tab to give me a quick focus status page. The contents on this vary from camera to camera as the AF systems change. I have another tab to format cards, folder and or card selection, file sizes and types, wifi settings, and exposure simulation as these are what I use the most.

Menu display

Once you setup your My Menu options you might not need to access all the other sections of the menu that often. So you can have the camera automatically return to the green menu tabs when you hit the MENU button. Or for the minimalist look it can be set to only show the green menu tabs. There’s no chance of being confused by other coloured tabs if the only option is the green ones that you made and make sense to you.


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