EOS R-series cameras with two card slots have a setting to identify a priority card, that ensures your camera writes to the expected card whenever it is available.

The priority card is set from the record play settings within the record function / card + folder selection menu. When set the camera will always prioritise writing of images or movies to the priority card. This ensures that all your images or movies are always on the specific priority card. Generally the priority card is card 1.

If no priority card is set then when card 1 is removed and the card door closed, the camera switches over to the other card. Typically this happens when you remove a card from the camera to transfer images to your computer using a card reader. However without the priority card set, when you replace the card in the camera it will have switched to card 2. So next time you shoot your images will be on card 2 with can cause a moment of panic when you removed card 1 at the end of the shoot and find it hasn’t got the expected images on it.

Normally I set my cameras to auto switch cards, so that when one fills up, the camera automatically starts filling the next one. If the priority card fills up, then the camera will still auto switch to the second card since there is no space on the priority card. But if I then put a fresh empty or part empty card in slot 1 the camera will switch back to it without me having to do anything.

Cameras with the priority card option include EOS R3, EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS R6 Mark II and EOS R7.

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