Quad bike racing

In 2023 I managed to go to several quad bike races, and so they proved to be interesting tests for three different cameras. What I like is that these smaller lower key events have great opportunities for photography from the spectator areas even with comparatively short lenses.

My first quad bike event was run by the Nora MX club who put on several quad bike and sidecarcross races through the year. This first event at Grittenham MX track was my first time out with my new EOS R10 and it’s RF-S 18-150mm kit lens. I also took the EOS R6 and an EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM incase I needed more reach.

One of the most obvious challenges turned out to be how different the AF system on the EOS R10 is from the EOS R6. The way I normally shoot motocross with the EOS R6 needed changing to make use of the different system in the EOS R10 which can track a subject using any AF area, not just when using face detection and tracking. Nora MX run a race schedule packed with different classes for all ages from the youngsters from about 6 years old and up with a range of abilities.

This picture taken with the EOS R10 and RF-S 18-150mm lens shows Harry Walker, who would go on to win the British Quad Bike championship by the end of the year.  I was shooting with a fast shutter speed as I wanted to see if the AF was as accurate as I expected from the little EOS R10, it was.

This shot, also features Harry Walker at the British round of the European quad bike championship that was held at the Cusses Gorse MX track. Such a shame that the track has closed after this event that was also the British round of the World Sidecar Cross Championship. Top quality competition all day.

I also had made a change in my camera kit, adding the EOS R6 Mark II alongside my EOS R6 and EOS R10. This shot was with the EOS R6 Mark II fitted with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens. Harry went on to win race 1 and was narrowly beaten after leading for much of race 2.

The last round of the quad bike championship was at Cullham MX track, with both quads and sidecars racing. Cullham is a track I have visited several times over the years, so I had an idea of the layout and shooting opportunities.

I had sorted my push to pan setup and it worked well to allow me to capture the action with motion and freeze it. Again the track gives good vantage with modest lenses. Here the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM is only at 70mm on the EOS R6 Mark II.

I will definitely be going to more quad bike and sidecar events in 2024, so keep an eye on the Nora MX website for the dates and maybe you can meet me at one of them.

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