My Little Goth aka Alicia

I always enjoy making photos with Alicia, her skills with makeup and truly amazing face captivate my camera. She has modelled for a few different workshops, a lighting test and a quick shoot in my home.

The first of my first small group portrait workshops in 2023 was at Penguin Studios and I asked her to model for the group.

Lighting was relatively simple, a single light above and infront of her was aimed down to illuminate a 1m diameter diffuser panel that was tilted forwards over her head. This makes for a wonderful soft even light that just looks amazing on her face. To achieve the white background a second light was directed to a roll of white paper behind her.

My favourite lens for this kind of shot is the EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM, here it’s fitted to the EOS R6.

At a workshop with Jake Hicks late in 2022 I saw this style of shot that combines several different elements; flash, slow shutter speed and constant lights. I liked the results and wanted to give it a try myself with comparatively modest equipment. This shot uses a single Godox AD200Pro with a small beauty dish above and to the left of Alicia. The background is lit with a constant LED light that has a purple gel covering it, well mostly covering it. Then I used a 0.8s shutter speed and moved the camera in a circular direction once the shutter was open.

Since I needed to shoot a little wider, I used the RF 28-70mm F2L USM lens.

Can we just appreciate Alicia’s skill with her makeup. Look at the blending of her eye shadow. I cannot imagine how to even do that looking in a mirror with one eye closed.

I’ll certainly be doing more shoots with her in 2024. Perhaps you’d like to book both of us for a 1-2-1 or small group workshop.

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