If you delete images from the card before even transferring them to a computer you might want to try this trick to make it faster to delete an image.

There are some photographers who never delete on the camera, this post if not for you. For those that do then this is the way to make deleting a little bit faster with less button pressing and dial turning.

The default way to delete while in playback is to press the delete button, then turn a dial or tap the screen to select delete then press SET or tap the screen again to actually delete; three steps.

If you wanted to reduce the number of steps from three to two, then change the camera so that the Erase option is selected instead of Cancel.

Shooting RAW + JPG?

If you shoot in RAW + JPEG with both files saved to the same card then the other two options on the menu allow you to decide if deleting the RAW or the JPG is the pre-selected option.

Hang on; “Erase scene” what’s that?

This image was captured with the EOS R10 in continuous drive mode, and so the third deletion option appears to allow you to delete all the images in the sequence. I would be super cautious of this option if you see it.

I have this card backed up, so tried the erase scene option. Sure enough there is a second level of warning, and a glimmer of hope. Images that you have protected are not deleted in the sequence. I can imagine scrolling through a sequence and simply protecting the best images before using the erase scene option and saw the reminder about protected images.

While I’m on the topic of erasing scenes, it is also possible to use the main dial to jump to the start of a continuous sequence of images. I briefly touched on that in another post about reviewing images.

Advent Calendar of Tips

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