Your camera has the option to include your name in the digital information, known as metadata, that is included with every image. This is how you setup your camera with your name to be added to the metadata.

Most modern EOS cameras have three fields that you can use to store your name and copyright information; owner’s name, author and copyright. It is possible to configure and change or even delete the author and copyright fields from the camera menu, but the owners name is only configurable when the camera is linked with EOS Utility.

  1. Connect your camera to a computer and start EOS Utility
  2. Select camera settings from the available options
  3. Select Owner’s name/Author/Copyright

In the software screenshot above you can see that I have my name and website mentioned in my EOS camera for each field. Every January I do go and change the copyright notice in my cameras to change the year. You will find that it is not possible to use the copyright symbol “©” itself in these fields, so a good alternative is to use (c) instead.

These fields are stored within the image file, and can be read by many different software applications, though not so many display the owner’s name.

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