I’d seen pictures of Lisa from another photographer and when she happened to be booked for a shoot in one of my local studios I took the opportunity have a swift shoot with her myself.

This particular studio space is going to be looking quite familiar by now, Studio 88 in High Wycombe, but I’d rarely shot here using the natural light that is quite abundant during the summer months.

A little window light, and a wide aperture was the recipe for this shot, Lisa’s striped blue shirt being the ideal compliment to her skin tone and hair.

With the window light coming from behind it was necessary to force the camera in to overexposure, but not by much. Modern intelligent metering systems do a pretty good job of recognising backlit subjects and making appropriate adjustments. For a shot like this I would be using manual exposure with auto ISO.

A change of outfit, and more attempts by me to challenge EOS R6 eye-detection, by adding a layer of sheer fabric between me and Lisa. I also resorted to a flash too, evident on the left side of the frame and her shoulder ad arm.

A last shot in mono-chrome, using a mix of flash and daylight.

Lisa’s instagram

See you tomorrow for more pictures and story.

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