2020 is nearing the end and it’s been a year dominated by a word few people had heard of; Coronavirus. It is also a year where being creative and making pictures was so important.

Right at the start of 2020 I took the train to London for the Winter Lights Festival in Canary Wharf, and met up with Luba to create some photos around the festival. It was pretty cold and we certainly needed a hot chocolate or two as we walked round the different installations. I took the EOS R as I thought that it would be easier to check focus, and it does seem to be able to focus in lower light than just about every other camera I owned at the time.

  • EOS R
  • EF 85mm f/1.8 USM
  • 1/160s, f2, ISO 2000

My first picture featured my own addition to the festival lights, a string of LED lights powered by a few AA batteries. These provide virtually all the light on Luba, and an installation of lights behind her just creates the bokeh in the background. Luba’s red coat being the ideal colour for a the blue tones of the rest of the shot.

  • EOS R
  • EF 40mm f/2.8 STM
  • 1/100s, f2.8, ISO 400

As is often the case with my annual 12 days of pictures, I have more than one shot. This second shot was taken towards the end of the evening and uses the light installation as the light source. There were a line of pack benches that were illuminated from inside with colour changing lights. We waited patiently and got a few minutes to shoot where Luba could have the bench to herself. Luba switched to her fluffy fleece top and a pair of clear glasses to look over.

You might have seen this second picture on my post from February where I explained how and why the EOS R had taken over my photography.

So day #1 of my 12-days of Christmas posts is done, it’s Christmas day and fortunately there’s presents to unwrap.


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