Firmware update for EOS R, Ra & RP

There are firmware updates for EOS R, EOS Ra and EOS RP plus several RF lenses some of which are required for optimum compatibility with the forthcoming EOS R5 and EOS R6.

Camera firmware updates

Primarily these updates are to support the new RF600mm, RF800mm lenses plus the two RF extenders. EOS R/Ra get a fix for the multi-function bar in playback mode.

Lens firmware updates

RF lens updates are mostly related to operation with the IBIS in EOS R5/R6.

Improvements in focussing with Servo AF mode for EF 600mm and EF 400mm lenses.

Other firmware updates

Battery grip for EOS R/Ra gets an update to support the new LP-E6NH

Please check the following pages for the links to get these firmware updates and all the others.

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