The clocks have changed overnight, summer time is gone and in the UK we’re back to good old GMT. It’s time to update the clock in your camera too.

Your camera clock is now either an hour out, or if you never changed it in the spring is now back in correct time. I always spend a few moments updating the clock, in each of my cameras. This is your reminder to do the same with yours.

change the clock on your camera

Most modern cameras have an option to toggle daylight savings time, and this is the simplest option. It is also worth checking to make sure the actual time is accurate too. I file my photos by day and month, is the time is out I might shoot something late in the day that unexpectedly spans two days.

I keep my camera time in sync with my computer using EOS Utility. Each time the camera connects to the computer, EOS Utility is set to sync the camera time to the computer. Also if the timezone in the camera and computer don’t match you get a prompt too.

Bonus tip around the time and date… language selection

Each and every EOS camera can change the language of the menus. If your fellow photographers want to cause you “untold grief” they could simply change your camera to a language you find hard to comprehend.

However if you have “those kind of friends” then all you need to know is that language selection on any EOS camera is always the entry on the menu after time and date. You can tell it’s time and date as it’s just numbers. So simply roll through each menu to find the time and date, then language is the next one down.

EOS 5D Mark IV – Greek

EOS 7D Mark II – Arabic

EOS 80D – Turkish

EOS 200D – Thai

EOS R – Russian