Over the days leading up to the 25th of December I’d like to give something to everyone who stops by my blog. These tips cover camera settings, flash, lighting, software and gear. I’ll be providing a pair of tips each day until 25th December.

#17 – What stops you zooming to check focus in Live View mode?

zoom in with Live View

Live View is a great thing, especially if you are needing to check critical focus. You can zoom in to 10x magnification and check where in the scene is sharp – ideal if you are working on a tripod.

zoom in with Live View

However, sometimes the zoom doesn’t appear to work, and this is almost always the result of the active focus mode. With the camera set to face detection and tracking AF, you are not able to zoom in at all. Fortunately most of the recent cameras display the warning message like the one above to remind you.


#18 – Know which batteries are charged

battery cover

Canon batteries are engineered with a clever solution so that you can identify which battery is charged and which is not. The plastic covers that are supplied with each battery can be fitted two different ways. In the case of the LP-6 batteries with their yellow covers, you’ll see either a blue or black colour behind the battery shaped cutout. There’s one of each above. However it’s not just these batteries, many other Canon batteries have the same design feature. Take the LP-E17 from the EOS 200D (below), the terminal cover fits two ways, either covering the arrow, or exposing it.

battery cover

All you need to consider and decide on, is which is the indicator of a charged battery, and which is the empty battery. For me the LP-E6 is blue for charged, black for empty. The LP-E17 I use the exposed triangle (right) to indicate it’s ready to go in the camera, and covered (left) for a used battery.


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