Lastolite Vintage Background

Two new background solutions from Vitec Group brands, Lastolite and Colorama. A Lastolite Tobacco/Olive coloured Vintage Collapsible Background, and car-sized 2.18m wide paper rolls from Colorama.

Lastolite Vintage Collapsible Background

Lastolite Vintage Background

Lastolite By Manfrotto, the world’s leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems announces the launch of the Vintage Collapsible Background Tobacco/Olive.

The 1.5 x 2.1m (5’ x 7’) Tobacco/Olive background is the latest addition to the newly introduced range of Vintage Collapsible Backgrounds. The Tobacco/Olive now sits alongside the highly successful Smoke/Concrete and Joe McNally Ironworks backgrounds, and together they offer a distinctive range of vintage style colour tones and subtly textured surfaces.

The new Tobacco/Olive background is double sided, offering on the Tobacco surface a range of brown/ochre tones with a small hint of green whilst on the Olive surface a range of deep greens with a hint of ochre. Both surfaces also features a dark vignette to the edges. Great for portraits, fashion and product photography, this versatile reversible background provides a very fashionable, timeless hand painted look that subtly complements the chosen subject. Two great backgrounds in one with a collapsible pop up construction that provides today’s creative imagemaker with a truly portable solution that can be easily transported to their chosen location.

The Vintage Collapsible Backgrounds can be supported at the necessary height using the Lastolite By Manfrotto Magnetic Background support system.

The Vintage Collapsible Background Tobacco/Olive (LL LB5705) has an RRP of £180.95.

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New Range of 2.18m wide Colorama seamless background paper

Colorama 2.18m wide background rolls
Colorama, the world’s leading brand of seamless background paper announces the launch of a new size – 2.18m wide.

The new 2.18m mid-size background sits comfortably between the current bestselling 2.72m wide paper and the smaller more portable 1.35m wide paper. Sitting between the two, the new size conveniently offers the key benefits of both. The wider width makes it versatile for most everyday applications, whilst at 2.18m wide it still retains the important element of portability, as it fits comfortably in a vehicle and avoids the hefty freight courier surcharges for larger parcels.

The new size will be available in the top 10 Colorama shades – Arctic White, Black, Charcoal, Storm Grey, Cherry, Carnation, Cappuccino, Forget me not, Buttercup and Chromakey Green.

The 2.18m seamless backgrounds have an RRP of £54.95.

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