Over 2017 I wrote a good many articles for print and online magazines, a few less on this blog. I plan to be back more on the blog in 2018.

Looking back through the statistics, it’s clear that there is one 2017 post that was the most visited, it has over 5x the number of views of any other single article I published here in 2017. It was written in January 2017, so it had the full year to pick up views.

#1 post from 2017 – Guide to using FTP to transfer images from EOS 5D Mark IV

The capabilities of the EOS 5D Mark Iv are amazing, there’s depth in it’s functionality. FTP mode over wifi, without using any accessory, is unique to the EOS 5D Mark IV. So if you want to move a file from camera to your website / ftp server through your mobile phone then make sure to read the article.

#2 – Where to position your softbox for great results

This post from February was continuously read throughout 2017. I’m fortunate to be delivering some more Speedlite workshops for EOS Training Academy in 2018 in Oxfordshire and at Canon UK’s offices. However the appeal of the post is either Emma (very likely) or the fact that light it light, it doesn’t matter if it’s Canon or any other brand.

#3 – How to add metadata to your photos automatically

Every time you take a picture the camera adds information about the shot to the image file; shutter speed, aperture and more. Adding your own metadata to the files can also be automated. This makes it easier to find photos, and ensure you are traceable as the author of the picture.

#4 – Can I connect EOS 760D, 750D or 1300D to a computer with wifi?

EOS utility wifi 750d 760d 1300d no

As all the Canon EOS cameras include wifi, I receive more questions on the topic. One of the most common questions was about connecting the entry level EOS 750D, 760D and 1300D cameras to a computer with wifi. So often was it asked that I wrote this post to answer just that question.

#5 – Fill-in flash without overexposure & Customising your EOS camera, beyond the basics

Yes that’s right there’s two in fifth place, after the numbers were counted these two have exactly the same number of views.

Customise your EOS

Making your camera work more simply was the key to customising your camera. I’d delivered this as a presentation for Canon UK at the Photography Show, and created a talking presentation video as the content is so helpful.

Mixing flash and daylight, while shooting wide-open needs high speed sync in many cases. I often leave my flashes set to high speed sync all the time. Then if the camera needs to raise the shutter speed beyond the sync speed it can, but if not then the flash works in normal mode going you a little more power.

Happy New Year, welcome to 2018

EOS 200D

2018 is fresh and new, I already know that there’s lots to do. Firstly, I’m planning a revamp of my website in the coming months, so expect some changes in the look and layout. I continue to share photos on Instagram, please make sure you are following @p4pictures

I purchased an EOS 200D just before the end of 2017, as I knew it was time to update my in-house entry level camera. What a brilliant bit of kit it has already proven itself to be, I’m sure it will be making regular appearances this year.

I’m reminded of this quote I’ve seen many times, and it seems pretty apt at the start of another year.

Life is like a camera
Focus on what’s important, capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives,
and if things don’t work out, take another shot