Over the course of 2017 I’ve taken plenty of photos that have been fun, challenging or fortunate. For each of the 12 days (of Christmas) I’m sharing one of my favourite pictures from 2017.

Brian Worley_p4pictures_2017_14

#6 – Kevin

I teamed up with fellow photographer Jonathan Thompson and headed to Liverpool to capture some portraits of a talented group of folks. Most of them are performers, dancers, and choreographers connected by the performing arts school in Liverpool.

I took quite a few photos during the day. We had taken a collection of Speedlites and ST-E3-RT transmitters. There was high-speed sync in mind so the Lastolite Ezybox Pro Octa was fitted to a quad bracket and powered by four Speedlite 600EX-RT flashes.

Basing ourselves at the Albert Dock, we had a bright sunny day to work with. I wanted to create a cinematic look, so selected the widest aperture on the 70-200mm lens. Even at ISO 100, there was so much light that 1/1000s was needed to tame the background. The big octa sure makes great looking light, even set to E-TTL flash and high-speed sync.

Camera settings

  • EOS 5D Mark IV
  • EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM lens
  • 1/1000s, f/4, ISO 100
  • Speedlite flash

See you tomorrow for another picture…


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