Nitrotech fluid video head

Manfrotto’s Nitrotech fluid video head uses a nitrogen piston to provide continuous counterbalance, making it ideal for video and supporting large lenses.

Nitrogen piston in the Nitrotech N8 fluid video head


  • Breakthrough Nitrogen piston technology for precise, continuous counterbalance
  • Variable pan & tilt fluidity for smooth and accurate shooting
  • Easy link connector with anti-rotation to support off-camera accessories
  • Side-lock sliding plate attachment
  • Secure, 8 kg load capacity
  • Flawlessly constructed professional video heads for superlative videography
  • High-impact, ground breaking design, superior quality materials

Manfrotto Nitrotech press release

April 2017 – Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, presents the new Nitrotech Video Head – a revolutionary head that combines the most successful features of Manfrotto’s Video Heads range with the ground-breaking, unique-to-the-market Nitrogen piston mechanism that guarantees continuous counterbalance.

The new Nitrotech N8 head securely supports a load up to 8 kg. The new head features a precise, continuous counterbalance system that effortlessly and safely holds and operates a wide array of video camera and camera models – in a variety of sizes. The variable fluidity function on both pan and tilt allows smooth, judder-free movement that is perfect for video work and photography work for example: wildlife, long lens, or sports photography. It allows precise control and balance over a heavy telephoto lens or video camera and features a 3/8” Easy Link equipped with an anti-rotation function that enables an external monitor or other accessories to be fitted.

This new head also features a side-lock sliding plate mechanism that allows safe, quick and easy camera attachment. The NITROTECH head has a flat base mount with a standard 3/8” thread that is highly versatile for different support combinations such as a tripod, slider or rig.

Manfrotto’s game-changing N8 Nitrotech Video Head makes a strong impression at first sight through its distinctive, impactful design, which emphasizes this core breakthrough technology. Ideal for both video and photography work, the Nitro head is a revolution in fluid video heads.

Nitrotech N8 tripod kits

Nitrotech fluid head tripod kits


The Nitrotech N8 – first model in the MANFROTTO NITROTECH – is also available as a system in the following configurations:

  • MVKN8C

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Prices start from £449.95



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