It’s not the first of April, but there’s a new firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark IV that will definitely be worth installing in your camera.

firmware update eos 5d mark iv

EOS 5D Mark IV firmware update v1.0.4

Download EOS 5D Mark IV firmware update 1.0.4

Firmware update version 1.0.4 incorporates the following fixes & improvements:

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which a red-colored area may appear at the bottom-center of a captured image when shooting in bulb mode or during a long exposure.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the autofocus may not respond when the autofocus is initiated via pressing the shutter button, the AF-ON button or the AE lock button when configured in the custom control menu.
  • Enhances the reliability of communications between the camera and SD card.
  • Fixes incorrect wording on the Finnish language menu screen.

If you need a firmware update for another EOS camera, or simply want to check if you have the latest version for your camera head over to the firmware update page where you’ll find all known EOS camera firmware updates listed. Also there’s the links to download them too.

April firmware update for EOS 5D Mark III 🙂

A good few years ago, I wrote a post that went crazy, it was a last minute April Fools joke about how a firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark III would activate 40MP resolution mode. I called it firmware 1.04 so it seems a little strange to see an actual firmware for EOS 5D Mark IV in April with the version 1.0.4. 🙂

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