Canon has prepared an update for the EOS 5D Mark IV to increase the dynamic range and simplify colour grading for video.

EOS 5D Mark IV C-log update

Chargeable C-log firmware update coming to EOS 5D Mark IV

Whilst this is a firmware update, it’s going to be chargeable and needs to be done at a Canon service facility. In the USA, Canon plans to charge $99 for the update starting from July 2017. There’s no pricing and availability details as yet from Canon in Europe or the UK.

Canon UK’s main service centre is in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.  Other Canon service centres in Europe can be found on this page.


Canon press release

Extended dynamic range and simplified colour grading; Canon unveils upgrade service for the EOS 5D Mark IV

London, UK, 20 April 2017 – Canon Europe, world leader in imaging solutions, today announces a new upgrade service for the EOS 5D Mark IV following feedback from its global community of professional photographers and videographers. With the upgrade, Canon Log (C-Log) – a staple feature in Canon’s Cinema EOS range – can be added to the latest EOS 5D camera, providing enhanced dynamic range and easier colour grading.

Designed to deliver an 800% increase in dynamic range, C-Log minimises the loss of detail in the darkest and brightest parts of the image. When using C-Log on the EOS 5D Mark IV, an ISO setting of 400 will deliver the largest dynamic range of 12 stops, perfect for shooting in difficult lighting conditions.

Ensuring maximum freedom in post-production, C-Log alters the image processing data after the image has been captured. As a result, videographers and filmmakers will find it easy to colour match with footage shot on other cameras, including those in the Canon Cinema EOS range. The footage from any camera can be combined and colour matched in a single colour grading process which provides a final global colour and seamless feel, regardless of whether the film is shot on different cameras.

C-Log also reduces noise, particularly in shadow areas that can appear during colour grading. The upgrade makes the colour grading of footage more flexible via the production of accurate colours with minor colour bias.

The C-Log upgrade will be available as a chargeable service exclusively via Canon authorised service-centres.


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