Video recording of my “customising your EOS camera, beyond the basics” presentation from last months Photography Show.

Customise your EOS


At the Photography Show in Birmingham last month, Canon UK invited me to deliver several presentations each day on their education stage. I have now recorded the first of those presentations about customising your EOS and published it on my youtube channel.

In this 21 minute video presentation I cover four EOS customisation topics. If you wish to skip ahead in th video the times for each section are in () below:-

  1. Quick change of AF points & AF area selections
  2. Back button AF (7:10)
  3. Custom shooting modes (13:05)
  4. My Menu (18:53)

Customising your EOS, beyond the basics


My EOS doesn’t have all those features…

Since each EOS model over time has had different capabilities then not all of these topics apply to all models. That said, back button AF is possible with all EOS DSLR cameras except the EOS 300D/Digital Rebel. My Menu has been found on cameras since around 2007.

EOS mid-range cameras since the EOS 5D (original) have had custom shooting modes, and a good number of mid-range and advanced models 70D, 80D, 5D3 and later can use the quick change of AF points. Only the quick change of AF area selections is limited, with the EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV being the only camera with this capability at the time of writing.

I’ve already had feedback from a couple of people that they learn’t something about their cameras they didn’t previously know, so have a look and see. If you would like to join my newsletter and receive priority access to my videos and events then do sign up too.


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