Gitzo Systematic Tripod Range

Gitzo has updated their Systematic tripod line-up for professional photographers using long and heavy lenses. The updated models feature Carbon exact leg tubes and larger feet for greater stability.

systematic carbon exact

Gitzo, pioneers in developing some of the most advanced and revolutionary technologies for professional camera equipment, proudly introduce the new generation Systematic tripod family and the latest Monopod family, setting new industry standards in premium photography equipment.


Gitzo Systematic GT5543XLS


Gitzo Systematic GT5563GS

The iconic Gitzo Systematic tripod family is the high-end choice for exacting professional photographers who use long lenses and heavy cameras and require extreme precision – down to the smallest detail – in their work and equipment. The new Gitzo Systematic tripods leverage the latest innovation for the greatest performance ever: the leg tubes are upgraded to Gitzo’s latest generation Carbon eXact, improving the balance between rigidity and weight. New, 50mm diameter big feet enable ultimate stability, preventing slipping and movement. The new G-lock Ultra allows even more comfortable operation and protection while the leg angle selectors guarantee a quicker switch between leg angles – further enhancing ergonomics. Moreover, the new Gitzo Systematic models feature the Easy Link attachment, a 3/8” thread through which a rich array of innovative photography accessories can be attached to facilitate the most advanced shooting techniques. The tripods are offered in a new sizing assortment.

systematic-monopod-gm4532The new Gitzo Monopods are designed to guarantee unfailing support for the highest quality equipment, enabling professional photographers to comfortably capture the golden moment. They are the ideal combination of rigidity, light weight, precision, rapid set up speed and ergonomics. Now even stronger than before thanks to state-of-the-art Carbon eXact tubing and G-lock Ultra leg locks, their new big foot ensures rock-solid footing on any surface while providing smooth movement with its integrated ball; the new models also feature enhanced aesthetics and improved sizing selection.

Series 4 Gitzo Monopod models (top leg diameter 37.0mm) replace the previous Series 5 models; the slimmer top tube contributes to an easier grip and lighter weight, while ensuring rigidity from the stiff Carbon eXact tubes.

Underscoring Gitzo’s dedication to groundbreaking excellence, the refinements to the new Systematic tripods and Monopods – in terms of strength, stability and rigidity, safety and security, set-up speed, ease of use and ergonomics – set new paradigms in the photography equipment market.

Gitzo photography products are superbly engineered to withstand the roughest handling. Precision assembly, high quality materials and fine control are distinguishing qualities that represent a market leader that has been unsurpassed for over half a century.

Pricing for the new Systematic tripods starts at £649.95. The new Systematic monopods are available from £214.95.

More information on the new Gitzo Systematic tripod and Monopod ranges can be found online at

About Gitzo

Professionals the world over acknowledge Gitzo tripods, monopods, heads and accessories as setting the industry’s standards for excellence.  Innovations such as the first uses of carbon fiber to make tripods and magnesium to make heads, matched with a design policy of “no gimmicks and no compromise on quality,” put Gitzo products in a class of their own.  Gitzo’s carefully crafted products form a comprehensive range of supports for large, medium and small format cameras, for film or digital technology, for still photography or dynamic video, for studio or location work.  Precision assembly, high quality materials and fine control are all qualities that represent Gitzo products.




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