Here in the UK the clocks have changed, it’s the end of summer. For some people this means that the time on their camera is incorrect, and for others it’s once again correct.

Changing the time on your camera to match the local time is simple and can be done automatically even.

Change the time on the camera

time to change your camera clock

One of the easiest options is to change the time on the camera. Remember that most recent cameras have a time-zone and daylight savings option. Use these instead of changing the actual numbers.

Change the time with EOS Utility


I have my EOS Utility set to update a connected camera time to match my Macbook each time a camera is connected. Today I get this warning that the camera timezone and the computer one are not matched. It’s the prompt to go and change the time zone. EOS Utility does not automatically change the timezone, but will sync the camera time to the computer one.

Have the GPS system change the time

If you have a camera that has GPS you can opt to have the camera time synch with the GPS clock, though it doesn’t change the time zone for you either. Personally I leave GPS off most of the time, and only switch it on when needed.

It’s dark early this evening

Hand-in-hand with the change from British Summer Time to GMT is the arrival or dark evenings, much earlier. Today it was pretty dark by 16:30. Might be time for early evening Speedlite season though 🙂


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