Manfrotto has introduced a pair of LYKOS compact and bright LED lights with new surface mount LED technology. The LYKOS lights should be a great option for photographers and videographers alike. I’m pleased to see the addition of a soft box for the lights to help diffuse the light even further.

LYKOS Bicolor with BT Dongle

LYKOS Bicolor with optional Bluetooth dongle

LYKOS Daylight

LYKOS Daylight

There are two versions of the lights, one with a fixed 5600K colour temperature  and the other with a variable colour temperature covering the range 3000K to 5600K. The lights can be optionally equipped with a blue-tooth dongle to allow remote control from your smart phone or a Manfrotto Digital Director.

Power is from AC or L-type batteries, though it doesn’t look like a Canon LP-E6 which I have plenty of…



Manfrotto Press Release

December 2015 – Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, announces the launch of the LYKOS portable light with new LED technology (Surface Mounted Technology). Available in Daylight and BiColor versions, the LYKOS guarantees the highest illuminance in compact size and is the best solution for the photographer and videographer on the go who needs a lightweight light source.

LYKOS LED panels, powered by Litepanels, is part of the new, ready to use Manfrotto LED lights.



Portable and compact light, LYKOS is designed to meet the needs of demanding professionals. The powerful light is capable of an output of 1600lux and exists in two versions. LYKOS Daylight is centered at 5600K and LYKOS BiColor has the option to change colour temperature from warm white (3000K) to cold white (5600K). A color LCD display on the back of the unit allows easy monitoring of the functions.

Thanks to the new generation SMT technology, the LYKOS lights ensure long LED life, energy efficiency, consistent colour reproduction and flicker-free functionality. This light can be operated by L-Type Li-ion batteries or by mains through the AC adaptor included.


Bluetooth dongle for remote control

Optional remote control using Bluetooth

All units are “Bluetooth-ready”. An optional Bluetooth dongle transforms LYKOS in a smart device and permits remote control through a downloadable iPhone App or via the Digital Director App. Controllable functions include the On/Off switch, dimming 0%-100%, colour temperature regulation, grouping of lights and recall of previously stored scene settings with new features to soon be implemented. Manfrotto LYKOS and Litepanels Astra will embed a compatible wireless technology which will mean it will be possible to control both through the same app.


Manfrotto LYKOS softbox

Manfrotto LYKOS softbox

The LYKOS pack includes a Ball head, gel diffuser (filters for the Daylight version) and a mains adaptor.

Moreover, the Manfrotto LYKOS Softbox is a perfect optional accessory to be used in combination with LYKOS LED panels. It creates a beautifully soft lighting, softening shadows in the images. It can be set up in seconds without any tools and the diffuser film is specifically designed for LED Lighting and reduces the light output by 1,3 f-stops.

The new portable LYKOS LED panels are a powerful, efficient and smart device ready to use for professional photographer and videographer.

Prices from £299.95 for the LED lights, £39.95 for the softbox and £75.95 for the LYKOS Bluetooth dongle.

For more information, please visit the Manfrotto UK website

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