Manfrotto is rapidly filling the needs of photographers with flashes with another new lighting modifier, the Ezybounce card. In short the EzyBounce card is a flexible light modifier that fits in your pocket and on your flash. 


Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, announces the launch of a new compact and foldable Lastolite by Manfrotto Ezybounce Bounce Card. Specially designed for beginner and advanced hobbyists who like to take pictures of people and events, such as a wedding or a party with friends, this bounce card helps to create a softer light towards the subject and thanks to its small size it can be carried in a shirt’s pocket.

Lastolite by Manfrotto EzyBounce Card

Lastolite by Manfrotto EzyBounce Card

ADAPTABLE AND impact resistant

The new Lastolite by Manfrotto EzyBounce fits all standard flashguns available on the market. It features a secure fixing system with a silicon strap to securely attach the card to the flashgun and is made from impact resistant ABS (glass re-enforced plastic) to stand up to different types of crashes.


The expandable surfaces allow different configurations and a multiple usage of the Bounce Card: when in use it can create soft light towards the subject and can also redirect the light of your flashgun (for example on the ceiling when used indoors).

With a wide white surface for maximum reflection when opened (18x19cm), the new Lastolite by Manfrotto EzyBounce collapses to a third of its original size when closed (11x7cm). You can bring your card anywhere and store it in a small pocket.


Make unique your event pictures with a soft and surprising light thanks to the new Lastolite by Manfrotto EzyBounce.

The Ezybounce has a RRP of £24.95.

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