The 8th Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk happened over the weekend, I opted to join my buddy Glyn Dewis who was leading the walk in Warwick.

Warwick was a place I’ve been past on the M40 many times but rarely stopped at. It is a fantastic place, and one I’ll be going back to again. Plenty of old architecture, local businesses running stores and no massive chain stores in the town. With the history of the castle and the buildings it was sure to be fun with plenty to see.

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2015, led by Glyn Dewis in Warwick

Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2015, led by Glyn Dewis in Warwick


Like all photo walks there needs to be a group shot, the hard part with 50 photographers is getting someone to press the shutter on the camera. This year I suggested to Glyn we’d use a remote trigger for the camera. Glyn had brought along the EOS 760D – what I call the “Martini” kit. I said we’d be able to trigger the group shot picture from the group, everyone could be in it. I packed my Speedlite 430EX III-RT and the ST-E3-RT transmitter.

remote-shutter-release-Speedlite 430EX III-RTOn the day Glyn put his camera on his Three-legged-thing tripod and I put the ST-E3-RT on the hotshoe. Glyn had the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens on the camera for a wider view from a little lens.

Simply line the group up and press the release button on the flash in my hand to take the picture.

The ST-E3-RT was set to manual mode and the lowest power output 1/128 selected. I switched on high speed sync on the ST-E3-RT to avoid the camera being limited to 1/200s shutter speed.

This meant that I could see the flash firing and be sure that the picture was actually being taken. 

The walk…

I’ve done a number of these walks, and often they turn out more about the social aspects than the pictures. I’ve seen a few photos in the Warwick walk flickr group, but when I looked at my own 40 pictures I found there was little that was Warwick. Except for the incredible guy Michael Reddy, the Warwick Town Crier.

What I do have though are a few people pictures from the day.

Noel Hannan gets directions from Warwick Town Crier

Expert architecture and historical advice from the Warwick Town Crier

Kelby Evangelist, Dave Clayton

Dave Clayton looks happy with his selfie 🙂

Michael Reddy - Warwick Town Crier

Kelby Evangelist, Dave Clayton

I’m not sure what Dave said to the Town Crier, but he’s making a sharp exit… 🙂

Brethren of the Lord Leycester Hospital

This fine gent showed the photo walkers the fantastic location that is the Lord Leycester Hospital


Tempus fugit – how time flies

Glyn Dewis

Time flies indeed as it is eight years since I met Glyn at the first Scott Kelby World Wide Walk in Windsor back in 2007. We’ve certainly had some fun since then, with much more ahead…


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