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I’ve been writing a regular monthly column title EOS S.O.S. in PhotoPlus magazine for almost six months now. Issue 105 just arrived and I want to ask you my dear readers for some help. I’m constantly looking for topics to write about and reader questions to answer so send ’em in… please.

You can send questions to me through the contact section of this website or you can send them in to the magazine’s email address [email protected]

What sort of questions?

PhotoPlus magazine EOS S.O.S. column

I write about a range of topics for the magazine including…

  • using Canon, Adobe and other software
  • choosing a camera, lens or flash
  • problem solving and tips to use your camera gear more effectively

Drop me a line, and it might be your question in a future edition. IF it’s a really long question I’ll most likely try and cover it on the blog here as I don’t have the same kind of word count and image constraints as the magazine format.

About PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus is published by Future Publishing Ltd in the UK, and is available as a printed magazine and or digital subscription which is more cost effective for readers outside the UK. Subscription information is available from

About the author

Full-time photo tutor and photographer. I love to share my knowledge and skills to make photos, videos and teach others. I write books and articles for photo magazines and I always have at least one Speedlite flash in my camera bag