Manfrotto has added a new 20L backpack to the Off Road Collection.

The new 20L backpack will hold a medium sized DSLR, think EOS 70D / 7D Mark II with lens and some accessories. you can get to the camera easily via the side access on the bag. If you’re having a day “camera free” the camera bag inner can be simply unzipped allowing the backpack to be just filled with whatever you want to carry.

Manfrotto Off Road Backpack 20L
Manfrotto Off Road Backpack 20L

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Manfrotto press release

Manfrotto Off Road Backpack 20L

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, is proud to announce the addition of the Off Road 20L Hiker Backpack to the popular Off Road Collection.

Designed for transporting your gear while hiking outdoors, the Off Road 20L Hiker Backpack will hold a mid sized DSLR with lens and accessories and provides a quick side access to your camera.


Similar to the Off Road 30L Hiker Backpack, the 20L Hiker Backpack can be used to carry your personal gear and camera, or it can be converted into a total hiking backpack by unzipping the internal divider and removing the camera bag.

Featuring the Manfrotto Protection System, the camera bag is highly protective and will keep your camera gear safe whilst out and about.


The innovative camera strap on the front of the backpack allows the camera to be kept safe and secure on the chest when it is carried, avoiding neck strain.


The 20L Hiker Backpack features a breathable back system which keeps the backpack seperated away from the body, and this coupled with the adjustable shoulder straps and padded waist belt ensures maximum comfort at all times. The fabric is water repellant and a rain cover is also included for any sudden downpours.

The straps on the backpack are ideal for carrying the Off Road walking sticks and tripod, making the Off Road 20L Hiker Backpack the perfect choice for trekkers who wish to capture and record what they find on a hike, but don’t need the extra space the 30L Off Road Hiker Backpack gives.

Available now through selected stockists, the 20L Hiker Backpack is priced at £129.95 inc.

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