Digital Director, workflow management processor

Manfrotto Digital Director

Manfrotto, the world leader in equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry proudly announces the launch of the Digital Director.

Manfrotto Digital DirectorThe only Apple Certified interface to help users intuitively manage their photo and video workflow from the setting of the camera to the sharing of the pictures via a tethered iPad application, Digital Director is the ideal companion for pro and hobbyist photographers alike.


Manfrotto Digital DirectorConsisting of hardware, software and firmware – all of which have gone through the Mfi (Made for iPad) certification, this innovative product is designed to make shooting photos and videos much smarter. By simply plugging the USB cable into the camera and turning on the app, photographers and videographers can be sure of a reliable, high performance connection between their Canon or Nikon DSLR and their iPad Air. The dedicated CPU embedded into the Digital Director provides an interface between the two devices allowing the camera protocols to be fully understood and controlled by the iPad Air, and the use of Digital Director enables the user to place the camera in the most awkward or difficult to reach positions by controlling it remotely.


Complete and intuitive workflow control

Manfrotto Digital DirectorPhotographers and videographers can now enjoy a more detailed, enhanced control interface thanks to a much bigger and higher quality display: indeed, Digital Director turns the iPad Air in to an external monitor taking full advantage of its High Definition Retina Display. The dedicated Digital Director App enables all the key parameters of Canon and Nikon DSLRs to be monitored and dynamically modified in real time (Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Manual Focus, WB, Image Quality, Focus Camera/Drive Modes, Battery status), allowing photographers and videographers to concentrate on creativity instead of settings. Shooting remotely via the iPad Retina Display, the App enables real time “Live View” monitoring and adjustments. The dynamic histogram and audio level display allows greater control, whilst the Focus control is guaranteed thanks to the Interactive Focus, which can be used to select the focus point anywhere on the screen. The digital zoom magnifies the selected focus point to ensure crisp accurate focus.

Quick and smart check and post-production

Thanks to Digital Director, users will have total control of their workload plus the possibility to download the images to the iPad and check the high-resolution files. All the characteristics of the image, such as the focus, can be checked simply using standard iPad «gestures». Digital Director also allows users to intuitively manage post-production activities from the iPad: within the App, it is possible to work on the image, cropping and rotating it, modifying exposure, contrast and brightness, checking histogram and Exif information, rating and saving the image. Users will also have total control of their files, from image ratings to file organization (albums, shoot profiles and connection profiles).

Immediate content sharing

Manfrotto Digital DirectorDigital Director allows users to immediately share their images, direct to FTP, by E-mail and on social networks.

Digital Director is an innovative tool reflecting Manfrotto’s constant commitment in innovation, research and development.

Digital Director is available to pre order now for £399.95, and will be available from the 15th June.

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