Lee filter 192 silhouette
 Lee filter 192 silhouette

I’ve got a few photos to share from a shoot just yesterday. The shoot was for a themed look for a fashion designer and for the moment the “proper shots” from the day are under wraps, but these outtakes don’t give the details away and I love the silhouette shapes.

I was using my Elinchrom studio lights, with the key light to the front nearly at full power. It took a little longer to recharge than the one gelled as the backlight. In some cases the extra recharging time made for these silhouettes that I want to share.

Coloured by Lee Filters

For the colours I used the Lee Colour Magic Original Studio Filter Kit. It contains 12 different sheets of filters that can be combined for over fifty colour options. I use 192 flesh pink gel for these shots.

Lee filter 192 silhouette At the end of the shoot it was time for some fun with a couple of confetti cannons followed by plenty of hoovering up of the studio…

Today I’m heading out to EOS Magazine HQ for another EOS 5D Mark III in-depth photo workshop, have a great day.

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