Manfrotto gears up to help you shoot better video

Manfrotto has just announced a collection of four fluid damped monopods and a follow focus unit. Furthermore the new fluid base employed on the new video monopods can also be used with several of Manfrotto photo monopods to upgrade them to fluid damped video use. A fluid damped monopod is ideal for video since the damping allows for smoother pans and camera movements, which are essential for smooth looking videos.

Manfrotto fluid video monopods

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, is proud to announce the launch of the new Fluid Video Monopods Family. Professional videographers and advanced hobbyists photographers who also shoot videos can now achieve a superior video quality thanks to an innovative and patented fluid cartridge incorporated into the monopod base, which allows incredibly smooth, jump-free panning actions.


fluid movementThe Fluid Video Monopods Family features a world-first patented system that uses the innovative fluid cartridge incorporated into the base, allowing judder-free panoramic rotation not achievable with regular monopods.

This fluid base has retractable and pivoting feet ensuring maximum stability for fluid panning and enabling the correct tilt position even on the most irregular surfaces. The Fluid Video Monopods are the perfect solution when a tripod is not an option due to lack of space. Moreover, the fluid base has been created to quickly transform a photo monopod into a video monopod, adding the Fluidity feature on PAN movement.

Manfrotto MVA50A fluid baseThe base (MVA50A) can be attached on the last section of photo monopods, and it is suitable for 679B and 680B models, and for all monopods featuring a ø 22mm tube in the last section.


Videographers who need lightweight, compact and fast to set-up supports will now find what they are looking for. The Fluid Video Monopods are the best solution for every shooting situation: they are extremely compact when closed, easy to carry around and fast to set up. With an operating height of over 2m allowing users to reach viewpoints that wouldn’t otherwise be achievable; the Monopods assure a smooth pan in a limited footprint whether shooting at eye level or overhead.

Aiming to satisfy the needs of every videographer, depending on the type of camera and its application, Manfrotto has designed different versions of the monopod to choose from. Consisting of four supports, the whole Fluid Video Monopod Family features the new fluid cartridge and the retractable feet.


Manfrotto 560B-1 fluid video monopodThis compact and lightweight 4-section aluminum fluid monopod includes a compact quick release tilt top with angle lock knob. With a quick set up thanks to the RC2 plate, the 560B-1 is perfect when shooting involves fluid panning movements and camera tilt needs to be adjusted.


Manfrotto 562B-1 fluid video monopodThis monopod has a great operating height for unique overhead shooting. It is perfect for us when shooting involves fluid panning movements combined with the need for a sliding plate in order to accommodate cameras with long lenses or simply heavy-duty cameras.


Manfrotto MVM500A fluid video monopodA lightweight fluid monopod with a specially adapted 500 video head attached. This fluid monopod features wider platform for HDSLR bodies and the sliding plate travels to balance the latest interchangeable lens cameras. The MVM500A has one Easy Link 3/8” connector to allow an external monitor or other accessory equipment to be fitted.


Manfrotto MVM250A fluid video monopodThis monopod is the latest to join the Fluid Video Family. The brand new MVM250A has a 1/4 and 3/8’’ screw and it is suitable for when freedom of using different heads is required, or when the fluid monopod must be used as a standalone product.

Now available from selected retailers and Prices start from £94.95.



Manfrotto, world leader in the photography and imaging equipment and accessories industry, is proud to announce the launch of the new Follow Focus.

MVA511FF follow focusProduced for professional videographers who search for high quality and precision, Manfrotto Follow Focus combines a zero backlash mechanism for a precise focus together with hard stops that make it easier and more accurate to select a focus range between two points.


Every professional videographer knows that for a quality and excellent shoot a full focus control is needed, especially for extra precise image performance.

Follow Focus features a zero backlash mechanism, which means that the operator can pull a very precise focus with both an HDSLR and a camera with interchangeable lenses. This advanced mechanism eliminates vibrations and uncertain results caused by manual direct focus.


MVA511FF follow focusThis piece of video equipment allows the operator to select a focus range between two points, thanks to its hard stops. The videographer can change not only the gearbox direction but also the Follow Focus’ position when it is mounted on the rods: this way the Follow Focus can be used with different lenses.

Accommodating various lens diameters is also possible thanks the upper slide bridge that can be moved and adjusted to the left or to the right.


Follow Focus’ mount is compatible with 15mm/0.59” rods (perfect combination with Manfrotto Sympla 2.0), it weighs 0.45kg (1 lbs) and it is supplied with one 50 tooth/0.8 module drive wheel, one ø35 mm friction wheel, one gear ring to be fitted around the lens, two marking disks that enables the operator to mark focal reference points and one 3mm Allen Key. This accessory makes videographers’ work on image extremely sharp and precise and eliminates the problem of full focus.

The Follow Focus is now available for £519.95 from selected retailers and

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