Tethered shooting JPEG + RAW

Shooting tethered is getting ever more popular, pictures appear on a larger screen as you shoot. Typically tethered shooting is with a cable, but various other means of shooting tethered without wires exist.

Big files transfer slower than small ones

However with 20MP cameras sending a RAW file over to the computer takes a few seconds. EOS 5D Mark III RAW images are typically 25MB files.

Using the fact that the cameras can shoot a RAW and JPEG image simultaneously it is possible to send only the JPEG image to the computer. This makes for much faster transfer of images. Looking at a 20MP JPEG is more than enough on a laptop display, in fact I often use medium or small JPEGs for faster speed.

EOS Utility 3.0 for tethered shooting

EOS Utility 3

EOS Utility has changed around some of the locations of settings compared to the older versions. I received a question about how to send only JPEG images when shooting tethered with EOS Utility 3.x

Remote shooting = tethered shooting

Tethered RAW and JPEGIf the camera is set to RAW and JPEG then EOS Utility can be configured to only transfer the JPEG to the computer. Both the RAW image and the JPEG images are also stored on the camera memory card.

Click on the highlighted section of the remote shooting window where the computer and camera icons are shown to open the file handling options in the Image saving location window.

Choose RAW and JPEG

In this screen you can choose what happens to the files from the camera. If you like you can just have the pictures stored on the computer. If you do so and the cable comes out you lose the picture. I don’t use this setting.

If you have the files stored on the computer and camera then you can opt to have only the JPEG image sent to the computer when shooting RAW + JPEG mode. This is the one to choose so that you get the image from the camera quickly to the computer screen AND have a RAW image on the camera memory card. I often just use a small JPEG which is still 2880 x 1920 pixels on the EOS 5D Mark III.



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