electronic level

On the fourth day of Christmas…

I needed to get back on the straight and level path…

Since the original EOS 7D from 2009 many EOS cameras include an electronic level that will help you get your horizon straight and your camera level.

Whilst in shooting mode a press of the INFO button cycles through a number of displays, one of them is the electronic level.

electronic level

Electronic level indicates the horizon is level and the camera is flat with the ground

The electronic level can also be displayed in the viewfinder for some cameras – either using the AF point display or a custom display overlay.

In the screen image above the camera is level indicated by the green line through the frame.

See you tomorrow for another in the 12 tips for Christmas…

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This is one of a series of twelve posts, inspired by the popular Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas. I’m giving all my blog readers a free tip for each of the twelve days.

About the twelve days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas start with Christmas Day and ends with the eve of Epiphany on January 5 th. The Twelve Days of Christmas dates back to English origins in the sixteenth century although the music is reputed to be French. The first publication date for The Twelve Days of Christmas (The 12 Days of Christmas) was 1780.

source: 12 days of Christmas

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