EOS 6D firmware update

It’s looking a lot like Christmas, but as I was preparing for a couple of quiet days I noticed that a week or so back there was a firmware update for the EOS 6D.

EOS 6D Firmware 1.1.6

Firmware Version 1.1.6 incorporates the following fixes:

  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera may not first use the center AF point to focus, when the AF point selection is set to automatic in AI Servo AF mode.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which focus cannot be finely adjusted with specific lenses when shooting remotely with EOS Utility software.
  • Corrects some Ukrainian language displayed on the menu for ISO Setting.

Firmware Version 1.1.6 is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.1.4. If the camera’s firmware is already Version 1.1.6, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Please note:

If the firmware is updated from version 1.1.3 or before, the following setting will be reset to default.

Menu > Custom Function> C.Fn II: Autofocus > AF Microadjustment> 1: All by same amount



Need a different firmware for your EOS?

Don’t forget that I maintain a page with all the latest firmware versions for EOS cameras on the site, you can find it in the Resources menu or click the link.