On this website I use Google Analytics to monitor my traffic to the site. Every now and then I look for more than the most popular posts or the best days for traffic. This is one of those days…

The audience

Let’s start by saying that you, the readers, are a very small set of all folks on the internet; but I’m sure you are here for great photo information, news with more than a hint of lighting and Canon specific expertise too.

Website statistics by operating system

Operating systems used to browse p4pictures.com

In the last 28 days the majority of the visitors saw my website on a Windows computer; some 44% of visitors. The share for Apple Mac users is 28%, quite a lot higher than the typical penetration of Apple computers in the computer market as a whole. Obviously the myth that plenty of photo and creative folks use a Mac has some base in reality.

Windows users are slower to update their operating systems


Windows OS versions for 19/Oct to 15/Nov

Even though Windows 8 and 8.1 have been shipping for some time, there is still a whole legacy of the previous version of the operating system – Windows 7 – for the visitors to my website. When I checked I was surprised to find that Windows 8.1 was released in October 2013.

Apple Mac users keep their systems up to date


Apple OS versions for 19/Oct to 15/Nov

Since Apple have issued OS updates as free updates to their customers the uptake of the new OS tends to be much faster. Even just a short period after the introduction of OS-X 10.10 Yosemite, it’s just a handful of visits behind OS-X 10.9. As soon as tomorrow OS-X 10.10 could be ahead.

The other thing of note is that OS-X 10.8 is already falling in to low use. This seems to justify that the recent Canon software is only designed to be used on OS-X 10.8 or higher. It is not a real problem for the majority of my Mac using visitors.

Mobile iOS and Android

Over the past 12 months more of the visitors are using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. I’ve seen a four-fold increase in iOS users and maybe a six-fold increase in Android. However iOS is currently 5.6% of the total with Android just under 1% of all visits. I don’t think it’s a website thing as the website is responsive, but please let me know if there’s something odd on mobiles & tablets.

Android – fragmentation continues


Android OS versions for 19/Oct to 15/Nov

With each handset or tablet maker being responsible for delivering new versions of the OS to their devices, there are a mix of versions of Android in sue. Often with Android a device maker might take a while to implement the latest version. Sometimes they just don’t do it at all for devices that are a couple of years old.

Apple iOS


Apple iOS versions for 19/Oct to 15/Nov

Apple’s iOS 8.1 can be run on the majority of iPhones and iPads from the last four or more years. I certainly see a rapid update of new versions of iOS. Right now there’s a “stubborn” group of folks with possibly iPhone 4s or early iPads using iOS 7.1.2. They probably think that their devices are going to be stretched to run the latest iOS 8.1.

Summary and some thoughts…

Windows ain’t dead yet, but Windows 8.1 has been slower to replace older Windows OS’s. Apple folks – some call them fans – tend to move quickly to adopt new OS for both smart devices and computers. This is most likely driven by the fact that these are free updates from Apple. The Android group are small and growing, but with a wide range of devices there is not the cohesive shift to the latest operating systems found on the Apple devices.

Don’t worry it’s back to cameras, photos, video and more next week…


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