WiFi pairing is the process of ensuring that your computer is able to recognise your camera on a network and connect to it. It is necessary to carry out the WiFi pairing process for each camera, and each network you will use.

WiFi pairing is like the paring process to get a mobile phone to pair with your car using Bluetooth. A camera can pair with multiple different networks and devices, and store them. It will only operate with one device at a time.

Start WiFi pairing from the camera

EOS 70D WiFi pairing with EOS Utility

EOS 70D WiFi pairing with EOS Utility

WiFi pairing is initiated on the camera LCD menu, you need to choose EOS Utility as the type of connection, then follow the steps on the camera menu to configure the network settings. Near the end of the process the camera prompts you to start the pairing software on your computer, this is your cue to run EOS Utility.

EOS Utility 3.0 WiFi pairing

EOS Utility Launcher starts to initiate the WiFi paring process

EOS Utility launcher ready for WiFi pairing


WiFi pairing with EOS Utility 3With the release of EOS Utility 2.14 and EOS Utility 3.0 Canon have changed the process for WiFi pairing your EOS camera with your computer. Canon has added an EOS Utility Launcher that will start if you try to run EOS Utility when no cameras are connected to the computer with USB. The software assumes that no connected cameras means that you will connect a camera with WiFi.

Click the Pairing over WiFi / LAN button to show any cameras that are detected on your network as part of the WiFi pairing setup on the camera. This will display the dialog box so that you can select your camera on the network.

camera found on network

Camera found on network

Detected cameras on the network will be shown, and you select the correct camera and click connect. The computer displays a message to ask you to check the instructions on the camera LCD. The camera display will change and you can save the settings for later recall.

In reality the process of WiFi pairing EOS cameras using EOS Utility 3.0 and EOS Utility 2.14 is the same for now.

Lightroom and WiFi connected EOS cameras

Some time ago I wrote a post about tethering the EOS 6D to Lightroom. I then needed to update it to explain how the EOS 70D could be tethered to Lightroom 5.x too. Thanks to a question from Ashley Bee in the comments of the later article I wrote this post.

Don’t forget that you can download the updates to your Canon EOS Utility directly from Canon’s website, plus if you don’t have an CD-ROM drive in your machine you can even download the whole EOS Solution Disk which can then be updated using future updates.




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