How to automatically add your copyright info to pictures

Copyright is a big concern for photographers, barely a day passes without seeing bloggers that have been sued for infringement or photographers complaining about their picture being used without approval.

Since I take the pictures on this website then at the point the picture is made I automatically own the copyright. All my cameras also put my standard copyright notice in each image without me having to do anything else than press the shutter.

Configuring copyright information in your camera

The menus shown below are from the EOS 7D and it is largely similar on other cameras. You will need to put the mode dial in P, Tv, Av, M to set this.

Copyright 1 
Copyright 2 
Copyright information in EOS 7D

Copyright information my EOS 7D is added to each picture automatically


Setting the author's name

There are some limits to the characters available for the author’s name and copyright notice

Copyright info in each picture


Checking the file information in Photoshop CC for one of my recent RAW images it is easy to see how the copyright information from the camera is displayed in the Author and Copyright Notice fields.

Camera copyright info can be deleted

Deleting the copyright notice can be done in-camera

The copyright notice and author’s name can be deleted using the camera LCD menu. So if the camera is used by another photographer it is simple to remove the copyright information.