Photography article published in International Wine & Food Society members magazine

Last year I was asked to deliver a seminar for members of the International Wine & Food Society with the goal of teaching them how to capture better pictures of their fine food and fine dining experiences. Of course this is no place for tripods and extra lights, even a DSLR is a bit big to take out for dinner.

International Wine & Food Society members magazine

The seminar was a success and from that I was also asked to write a short article for the International Wine & Food Society members magazine. I just received a printed copy of the magazine today with my article. For the article I used the same camera as several of the IWFS members to photograph food quickly and easily but still get good results.

The keys to this kind of picture is to ensure the camera is as still as possible – I explain how to improvise a support from wine bottles or water glasses and to consider that the food may be better lit with available light – ideally window light – rather than on-camera flash.

Could your group benefit from my training?

If you are part of a club or society and have a members magazine i’m open to bookings to help teach your members how to make better photos with simple camera skills and a few great tips.