Canon Irista online photo storage service

irista is the name chosen by Canon for their photo sharing service which for the last 21 months has been only know as Project1709. Apart from a new name which I assume is derived from IRIS, the key new “feature” is that you will need to pay for extended storage, only the first 10GB is free.

irista storage prices

irista storage prices

The Project1709 to irista conversion introduces paid-for storage. irista offers three levels, a free 10GB package, 50GB for €4.99 / month and 100GB for €10.99 / month. Everyone knows that storage is not free, and the Canon storage system is indeed following a familiar model with a free basic tier and paid for mid and top tiers.

In comparison to other photo sharing sites the Canon offering is certainly not the least expensive. For example prices are around 30% less than Canon irista prices for the top tier and the Canon offering is “unlimited” storage space. Also thinking back to the Apple iCloud storage news from the WWDC event earlier this week the iCloud options will be 20GB for $0.99 / month and 200GB for $3.99 / month. Some might say that Canon’s initial storage pricing looks to be a little bit expensive.

irista upload options

irista upload methods

irista offers the similar limited range of options for uploading images as the Project1709 beta, with a sync utility for Mac & Windows computer, the regular upload via the browser and the option to import from Facebook and Flickr. I wonder how long it will be until the Canon applications supplied with EOS, PowerShot and IXUS cameras include an upload function, or will they continue in parallel with the Canon Image Gateway service.


irista memento feature
When I logged in to my irista account for the first time – using my google account login from project1709 – I saw something new; memento – it’s been a while since I visited the project1709 site to be honest. Intrigued I clicked on the memento to find that I didn’t have enough images in my account for the memento feature to work.
irista memento not enough pictures

I’m sure that there should be an s at the end of seem in that message though… 🙂

So project1709 has become irista, and having watched the getting started movie on the site I still can’t find out more about mementos. I did notice that the pictures in the getting started movie were mostly old stuff taken with an iPhone 4s, Nikon Coolpix and even an EOS 20D from as far back as 2007. Good to see that irista is not just for Canon users.

Anyone can sign up for a free 10GB irista account and try for themselves, just visit

Canon press release

Canon today reveals irista – an advanced, cloud-based image management platform that allows users to access, enjoy and manage their photo libraries like never before.

People today take thousands of digital photographs which have become scattered across multiple devices, irista is built to help curate entire image libraries in one central location. Previously known in beta-form as Project1709, irista makes it easy to find any picture or any memory – regardless of which device it was shot on – camera or smartphone.

irista has been created around four consumer needs:

  • Simple to use: Making it quick and easy to find any image in a photo collection
  • Connected: Share images directly with popular social networks and keep track of likes and comments
  • Inspired: A single place for people to interact with their images, enhance their photography skills and get the most out of their pictures
  • Puts everybody in control: All images stored securely in one location so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Built using Canon’s unrivalled heritage and imaging expertise, irista has been designed for anybody looking to manage their memories. The unrivalled user experience, coupled with its design, puts people back in control of their image collections.

The service supports a wide range of file types, has no file size limitations and automatically uploads new additions to image collections. A sleek user-interface is supported by a powerful search index, which allows people to locate an image based on a wide range of criteria. The clean, tiled design features a customisable timeline ribbon and tag-based filtering options that make it easier to find shots using dates, location, custom user tags, lens type and much more. Social integration with Facebook® and Flickr also allows users to publish images on both platforms, as well as track social comments, directly from the irista interface.

“People are taking more photos on more devices than ever before, but it can be difficult to enjoy your images when they’re stored in different places,” said Alessandro Stanzani, Head of Consumer Imaging Group, Canon Europe. “With irista, we’ve created a platform that solves that problem. It’s currently the only service of its type and is built entirely around the needs of the user – reflecting a lot of the feedback received during the beta phase. It’s an invaluable resource for those who love their images, and will only get better as we add more and more features over time.”

irista is available to everyone, with tiered storage options to suit a range of different needs. The ‘entry’ tier offers 10GB of cloud storage space completely free-of-charge. It offers casual or hobbyist photographers full use and functionality of the irista platform, providing them with an ideal place to manage libraries or specific photography projects. Advanced enthusiasts or professional users, who require larger capacities, can also choose from two further storage options, with 50GB and 100GB tiers available for a monthly or annual cost.

irista subscription tiers are as follows:

  • Up to 10GB: No cost, full functionality
  • Up to 50GB: €4.99 per month, or €49.00 per year
  • Up to 100GB: €10.99 per month, or €109.00 per year

The full irista service is now live. People can sign up by visiting:


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