When you get your shiny new EOS camera it’s all too tempting to simply go out and start shooting, with these 3 tips for every EOS DSLR camera you will be sure to start off the in best way.

1. Switch off in-store demo mode

Your camera is configured at the factory for it’s next destination – the camera store. In these stores you might get the chance to touch and try the camera so to avoid losses of memory cards the camera will take pictures without a memory card inside.

No card in camera, yet picture still taken

In-store demo mode – takes pictures without a memory card

Now you want to take pictures and keep them, so please if you only do one thing, switch off “in-store demo mode”… here’s how.

Turn off in-store demo mode

Turn off in-store demo mode here

Turn off in-store demo mode

Disable the camera’s ability to take pictures without a memory card

Once you’ve switched off the ‘in-store demo mode’ then you should see this on the LCD when you try and take a picture without a card in the camera. Also the shutter won’t release either.

No card in camera so it won't take pictures

You want to know if there is no card in the camera

2. Fill the LCD when you review your pictures

Big LCD’s let you see the pictures you have taken more clearly, but when you take portrait pictures the camera will automatically rotate them and leave big black bands of wasted space, like this…

Auto rotated portrait images are too small

Auto rotated portrait images are too small

Again the EOS camera folks think that you will always hold the camera in a landscape orientation or plug it in to your TV to view the photos; which is great until you shoot a portrait image like the one above. It will look small and unloved so you have to press the magnifier button to zoom in. But there is another way…

Auto rotate - on camera and computer

By default pictures are rotated on camera and computer

Auto rotate - computer only

Change to this option to stop the images being rotated on the camera LCD

By changing the auto rotation to the second option images will still get the orientation saved in the files, so they will be correctly orientated on your computer. However on the camera LCD they will be left filling the whole screen, like this…

Portrait image always fills the screen

Portrait image always fills the screen, just turn the camera if you need to

3. Stop the beeps

Nothing screams newbie more than the sound of the beep when the camera locks focus. Maybe it’s just me and my hearing trained on over 20 years of that sound, but I turn it off on every camera I can.

Quick turn off the beeps!

This is where you turn off the beep

stop EOS camera beeping

Disable the beeps, they are an annoyance

If the screenshots for this item look different it’s because the camera was in scene intelligent AUTO mode and only showing a limited set of menus.

This is very much a back to basics article and though I captured the screens from an EOS 5D Mark III they are pretty much the same in all the recent EOS cameras and something to pay attention to.

Going deep in to camera settings

If you want to get more from your existing camera by tailoring it precisely to your way of working or kinds of photography then please do book me for an online or 1-2-1 training session.



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