Location photo shoot with Oxford models

The past week seems to have flown by and in a good way – busy makes the time fly.

I’ve been preparing a whole set of content for an upcoming article – or two – which will look at how optimising your camera setup speeds up your working process and ensures your camera performs as you want it to, rather than how it comes from the factory.

Test shoot in Oxford

Fashion model test shoot in Oxford

I was fortunate to have a test shoot with models Cara and Oliver in Oxford on Thursday morning, we chanced the weather and avoided all but a few drops of rain. For a lot of the pictures I used a Lastolite Joe McNally Signature series 54cm EzyBox. This is the one with the white interior and it gives lovely looking light, but more to come on that…


I’m also in the early stages of a new book or maybe two – typical just as the nicer weather starts to arrive I need to sit at a keyboard.


I met up with Stephen Cotterell on Friday to record an interview for his podcast series – I’m number 51 in the series and it should be out in the next week or so, when it goes live i’ll let you know. Actually the process was quite interesting and i’ll be mulling over some of the points that Stephen dragged out from the discussion with a view to changing a few aspects of my business.

Off-camera flash workshop

Today I am running an off-camera flash workshop in Oxford at Studio Blanco with Jo as my model so that’s going to be really fun. I can’t wait to see the pictures that we can make this time.

1/160s and panned with the rider to give a sense of speed

Red Bull Pro Nationals September 2013

Also on Sunday my calendar has reminded me that it will be the opening round of the British Sidecar Cross Championship at Culham Park near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. I’m keen to revisit the track following my trip last year for the final round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals.


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