Lastolite is at The Photography Show in Birmingham that opened it’s doors this weekend. Lastolite has some awesome new products including  three new items in the Joe McNally Signature Collection. If there’ good enough for Joe then every other photographer thinking about light should definitely take a look. The incredible Lastolite Urban Backgrounds have also gained three new texture versions. I was fortunate to be asked to shoot on the Lastolite stand this time last year on the original Urban Backgrounds and I can’t wait to have the chance to shoot with the new ones.

First up it’s got to be the new Joe McNally Signature collection items…

Extending the Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Collection

Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Colleciton EzyBox Speedlite Plus 
Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Collection Skylite Rapid with masks 
Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Collection 4:1 umbrella 

Speedlite Ezybox Plus

Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Collection EzyBox Speedlite Plus

The Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-Lite is a 22cm x 22cm mini softbox which attaches directly onto any traditional flashgun, whether it is on or off camera.

The ultra-portable softbox features 1 outer and 3 alternative inner diffusers (1 stop diffusers, Soft Silver and Soft Gold), which combined with the white interior of the softbox deliver ultimate control, unrivalled softness and best in class distribution of light.


Skylite Rapid with Masks

Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Collection Skylite Rapid with MasksThe Joe McNally Skylite Rapid with Masks features a rigid aluminium frame, which is quick to assemble and delivers reliable lighting control, even in the most demanding conditions.  The innovative mask system provides maximum versatility and simple adjustment.  The Joe McNally Skylite is also compatible with all Lastolite Skylite Rapid accessories and fabrics.

4-in-1 umbrella

Lastolite Joe McNally Signature Collection 4:1 umbrellaThe Joe McNally 4:1 is the ultimate umbrella offering more versatility and control than any other umbrella of its size on the market. The umbrella offers White Bounce, Silver Bounce, Shoot Through and Shoot Through with Square Mask configurations. The removable mask also enables photographers to switch between a circular or square catchlight.

The new Joe McNally products are available at the following retail prices:

  • Joe McNally 4:1 Umbrella RRP £115
  • Joe McNally Skylite Rapid with Masks RRP £170
  • Joe McNally Ezybox Speed-Lite RRP £65

For more information, please see:

New Textures for Lastolite Urban Background Collection

Urban Background Derelict Wall / Wooden Fence
Urban Background Shutter / Distressed Door
Urban Background Tarnished Metal / Container

Designed to complement the existing Urban Backgrounds the new Derelict Wall/Wooden Fence, Shutter/Distressed Door and Tarnished Metal/Container  backgrounds offer even more options to photographer looking to create the outdoor look in any location. Ideal to partner with the recently launched magnetic background support bracket.

Lastolite Urban Backgrounds are manufactured from crease resistant fabric, allowing photographers to create the outdoor look in an instant, whether it’s in the studio or a client’s home. Each reversible background has a unique urban feel and can quickly add a new dimension to any portrait sitting. The collapsible backgrounds are portable and quick to set up; offering the ultimate solution to today’s busy photographers.

The new Urban Backgrounds measure 1.5m x 2.1m and are available at an RRP of £165 each.

I must admit the idea of a compact EzyBox with changeable characteristics is really interesting and something I hope to try out really soon. If you read about Joe McNally you will find he’s often adding gaffer tape to umbrellas and soft boxes to control the light exactly as he needs, the Skylite Rapid with masks will cut down his gaffer tape bills 🙂

Ever since I was introduced the the Urban Backgrounds last year I have thought how clever they are. Lastolite’s people told me that the colours in the backgrounds were specifically selected to allow them to react well to being lit with coloured gels on flashes – the tones are dark enough to take plenty of colour and not wash out. Lastolite Strobo gels are the ideal match to get the most out of the backgrounds.