Gear guide for off-camera flash

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novoflex ball head Frio cold shoe

My gear guide

My recent off-camera flash workshops in Oxford have highlighted the need to help photographers find out great solutions for securing their expensive Speedlites to light stands. Over the years I have tries many kinds of adapters so I have produced an  Off-Camera Flash Gear Guide where you can see the kit I am currently using based on experience and real world practicality.

Often it’s the combination of simple items that makes something with more use than the individual parts.

The Speedlite 600EX-RT to the right is mounted on a Frio cold-shoe and attached to a Novoflex NEIGER 19 ball head with a Manfrotto 014-38 stand adapter providing the link to the top of the light stand.

This simple solution makes it easy to securely position the flash where it needs to be. With the Manfrotto stand adapter you can even mount the assembly at right angles to the light stand; great for when you want a street light effect for your pictures.

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