automator folder actions

For pictures on my blog I usually need JPEG images with an sRGB colour space. However screen captures on the Mac are PNG files with the monitor profile attached, PR images from various companies arrive with AdobeRGB or no colour spaces and sometimes as TIFF. My newly acquired HDMI frame grabber creates TGA images.

automatorWhat I needed was a simple tool to convert images quickly with no fuss – sounds like a job for Automator

Automator is built in to the Mac OS it’s a tool to make repetitive tasks simple. In the past I have shown how I use it to create Keynote presentations from a selection of image files. In this instance I made a “magic folder” on my desktop, putting something in the folder causes an Automator action to run using the files just moved or copied to the folder.

Here’s a short video for you to show how to set this up and how to use it…

Hope you like the video, I’ll be doing much more video from now on 🙂


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