Lastolite Magnetic Background Support

Lastolite the folks that make those clever fold up backgrounds have another solution to the perennial problem of holding backgrounds in place and not having them sag by only supporting the centre hanging point. The new Magnetic Background Support holds on to the metal rim of the Lastolite backgrounds, even older backgrounds should work too. It will make changing the background a much simpler proposition even for the shorter photographers.

February 2014, Lastolite Limited, the world’s leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, announces the release of the innovative magnetic background support.

The unique Magnetic Background Support is designed to provide photographers with a convenient and portable solution. Reliable magnetic connectors provide an instant connection; they grip the background in two positions thereby eliminating yaw and increasing stability. This easy operation further aids photographers to quickly switch between backgrounds at a comfortable working height. Furthermore, the Magnetic Background Support is compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8 spigot connecter.

Speed, security and sturdiness are key features of the Magnetic Background Support, making it the ultimate solution for busy photographers and videographers.

Main Features:

  • Easily attached any collapsible background with a steel rim to a traditional lighting stand
  • Compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8-inch spigot connector
  • Reliable magnetic connectors


Price & Availability:

The new Magnetic Background Support is available individually or as part of a kit which includes a lighting stand and carry case.

  • Magnetic Background Support RRP £60 inc VAT
  • Magnetic Backgroud Support Kit RRP £108 inc VAT