Canon has produced it’s 70 millionth EOS camera

70 million Canon EOS cameras

Since the EOS system introduction in 1987, Canon has produced 70 million EOS cameras when combining film and digital camera numbers. According to Canon, it’s only sixteen months since it reached the 60 million production milestone, making this the shortest time to produce a further 10 million EOS cameras.

I think it’s somewhat coincidental that the EOS 70D was the most recent EOS camera launched, but at least it brings a certain balance to the line up.

Over the years the EOS system has seen several major innovations, and now like many I’m wondering what’s the next big change that will keep EOS cameras forging ahead to the 100 million production level. At this rate maybe five or six years time we’ll see the 100 millionth EOS camera come out of the Canon factory.

Source: Canon celebrates production of 70 million EOS cameras press release

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