DO MORE, except eating!

Happy New Year to everyone

2013 has passed, that dreaded 13 turned out to be fortuitous for some and not others, but this year it’s 13 +1 so that is time to make it even better.

As the excess of the festive season passes quickly in to the distance – just like the mince pies above – it’s time to look forward, I am indeed looking forward to running my first workshop at Studio Blanco, Oxford in a few weeks time.

2014 starts with a flash in Oxford

25th January 2014

£70 / person

£5 off with discount code*


Location: Studio Blanco, Oxford


Location Speedlite flash photography

To celebrate the New Year I’m offering encouragement for you to book a place, use the discount code 2014  at the checkout to get the discounted price.

*Hurry this offer is only valid until midnight on the 5th of January 2014.

2014 = 2013 + 1

My plan for 2014 is simple; I’m just going to DO MORE than I did in 2013… so keep your eye out on the blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and feel free to ask about how much more I’m doing. I’m sure to need some encouragement along the way.


About the author

Full-time photo tutor and photographer. I love to share my knowledge and skills to make photos, videos and teach others. I write books and articles for photo magazines and I always have at least one Speedlite flash in my camera bag