I was running a lighting workshop for the local camera club earlier this week. I tried a lighting setup with just a single light and two huge 6×4 foot Lastolite Panelites. One was a the diffuser and one is a solid with sun fire and white sides.

I placed the two backgrounds in a V-shape and using one Elinchrom BX100 head and a 24cm Varistar reflector I shot this…

Studio lighting workshop for ImageZ camera club organized by Brian Worley

Amy was sandwiched between the two Lastolite panels and about 10cm from the face of the diffuser. With the Elinchrom on minimum power 0.1 on the Elinchrom scale – I was still getting a workable f/4 aperture. Standing well back with the EF 135mm f/2L USM on the EOS 5D Mark III the gold Panelite was just the background. I then added a simple vintage preset in Lightroom to give the colour.

Lighting diagram below…

Lastolite Panelite 6x4 diagram

Today I’m on a bit of a mission, off to Finland for the weekend to go see some snow and chilled temperatures.


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